Saturday, March 29, 2008

Want a Puppy? You know you do!

Well, we've been working on the house non-stop, and these two cute little puppies and their mom wandered up. They hung around and laid on a sheet, so I don't think they belong to anyone. But they sure are well socialized, and the mom can sit and beg. They look like blue tick hound mixes and are girls, so here's some pictures of them and the mom. Please let me know if anybody wants one of them or if you know anyone who might.

I'll post pics soon of all the house remodel when we get carpet in next week.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day

Well, happy Easter everyone! I'm confessing to everyone that I did not spend as much of the day as I should have celebrating my Savior's death and resurrection. I spend most of the afternoon, along with my husband and very helpful parents and in-laws working on wallpaper and paint in the house. So I only reflected on this blessed day this morning. As someone brought up in a Christian home, I sometimes find myself going through my routine and taking my salvation for granted. I am so grateful for Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ to give me visual images to pop up in my head and remind me of what my Lord endured. I was reading on the Turnbull's blog the other day that the word excruciating was invented just to describe the horrific pain Christ endured. And then when I think about someone going through that for me when I take them for granted and only think about them when it's convenient for me, this makes me feel so many things - rightfully guilty, blessed, amazed, and unworthy. So I've challenged myself and hopefully everyone else to think about what our Savior did for us more than when it fits in our busy schedules.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Demolition: Day 1

Well, we made our first trip to our house today to start the remodel. I began the tedious task of removing the hideous wallpaper in our master bedroom (sorry if anybody has this wallpaper in their house).

This was very difficult because the glue was really really stuck! So I was very worried about the office that has a border, the kitchen, and the guest bath that have wallpaper. Here's the pics of them in all their ugliness.

We're also changing that countertop in the bathroom, even though it's such a beautiful color. Who even makes a pink countertop?! And here's the microwave that Joey and Wally installed...

This is the before pictures of one of the guest bedrooms, notice the awful Phil Fulmer color on the walls and doors. I guess that's what we get for moving to Tennessee.

And lastly, as I mentioned...I was fearful that Joey's similarities to "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" would begin to haunt us as we started remodeling this house. And sure enough, the first day we're there, all the sudden I hear Joey screaming and water running. So I run out to the garage, and water was gushing out of the hot water heater like Old Faithful. Evidently a shelf had fallen and busted a pipe. Joey said it was not his fault because he was no where near it when it fell. But he had to run all the way out to the road to turn the water off, so this is what I snuck a picture of...

I'll post after pics when we get everything painted and the new carpet in.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Request: Hawk Attack Story

Per request of Scott (see Rocky & Joey vs. Opossum post), I'm going to tell the hawk attack story. So the big thing that's funny about this is y'all need to keep in mind that my dear husband Joey isn't afraid of anything. He's like Steve Irwin; he walks up to snakes, steps on their heads, and cuts it off. So I guess he's crueler than Steve but definitely as brave (or stupid, however you want to look at it).

So this story took place back when I was still at Shorter. Joey was on his way to Auburn in his truck, and all the sudden, BAM, a huge bird flew up into his grill. So Joey stops on the side of the road, and as he got out of the truck, the hawk fell out of his grill, seemingly lifeless on its back with its wings out. So Joey leaned down to inspect it, and all the sudden (he makes it sound like a horror movie) the hawk opened its eyes, completely alert and definitely angry. If you could hear him tell this story, his description reminds me of the movie What Lies Beneath when Michelle Pfeiffer jumps up out of the bathtub. So this is when the hawk jumps up and attacks Joey's hand with his razor sharp talons which proceeded to go in one side of his finger and out the other.

So of course, this ticked Joey off to no end. He went to the bed of his pick-up (where of course he has more tools than most people own in their lives) and grabs a 2X4. When he tried to shove the bird out from under his truck, it grabbed the board with it's claws and started taking chunks out of it with its beak. But the hawk wouldn't hold on to the board long enough for Joey to pull it out from under the truck either. So now he's really ticked and decides to back up the truck so it would be him and the bird, without the truck protecting it. Well, the hawk was smart and flew off as soon as he fired up the truck.

It probably would have been really bad if the hawk had decided to fight Joey because Joey thought the thing couldn't fly and was injured, but obviously not the case. So from this point on Joey has mixed feelings when he sees a hawk - he shudders out of fear and awe of its strength and toughness and also out of anger and desire for revenge. Another funny thing is that Joey almost had another encounter when another hawk hit his driver's window in his work truck one day and would have gotten in the cab had the window been down a little further. So maybe he has reason to hate this bird, but I just think it's really entertaining that the only living creature my husband is afraid of is a bird.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Blog Title

Well, I guess I should give credit where credit is due. My mom and I thought we were being clever when we named this blog (I'm not very creative, so I asked for help). But Scott made me aware in one of his comments that Joey had been using this concept for a while. This now makes sense as to why Joey didn't seem impressed by my title when I showed it to him as I was creating the blog. After reading Scott's comment, I then asked Joey about his using the phrase, and he informed me that his dad had been using it even before him! So I guess I can go back to my low self-esteem in regard to creativity, and I'll just stick with maintaing generational patterns.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rocky & Joey vs. Opossum, Rocky/Joey - 1, Opossum - 0

Well, tonight we were going about our normal routine, and letting Rocky out back to relieve himself before we all went to bed. Rocky walked off the deck normally to go take care of his business, and Joey turned around to talk to me. As soon as he turned back around to check on Rocky, he saw Rocky shaking the heck out of some creature. He called him, and brought him inside for me to see all the slobber and hair hanging out of his mouth. I was worried that he had gotten after one of the neighbor's cats, so I had Joey go out to see if the animal was injured. Sure enough, there's a opossum playing dead or actually dead in my parents' back yard.

So Joey decided to go see if the thing was still alive by poking it with a broom (even though the last time he did this to a hawk, he got attacked). The opossum bit at the broom, obviously it was just injured from Rocky's attack. So Joey decided to kill it himself. Mom gave him the option to shoot it with her pellet gun, but he thought it was a better idea to just give it several good whacks over the head with a board, then stuff it in a trashbag, nice. So as of now, together Joey and Rocky have diminished the opossum population by 1.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home...soon

A friend, Amanda Owens has asked to see pictures of the house. I was going to wait until we started working on it to show some before and afters, but why not go ahead and put the befores up now, right?

So, our house is in Whitwell, TN (up there, they pronouce it whit-wool). It's about 20 miles west of Chattanooga. It has great mountain views and it's on an acre lot which we (and Rocky) love. It has a large master suite addition with an attached office, two other bedrooms and one other bath. So without further adieu...(when I asked Joey how to spell adieu, he said "a-do.")

These are ones the realtor took, we'll take some better ones when we move in. I want to paint the shutters and front door black, the garage door white, and of course do some landscaping.

The whole acre isn't fenced-in, so we have some woods in the back. Of course, my "Tim the tool man" wants to rebuild the deck.

The living room is open to the kitchen/dining, and we'll just paint it.

We love the wallpaper, just kidding! It's coming down, but we're keeping the beadboard and painting the walls.

Well, we were going to redo all the cabinets in here, but when we priced them we decided it was too much for this little starter house. So we're going to change the hardware, take down the wood at the top and add crown instead. We'll also install a dishwasher. And Joey's sweet dad is making us a beadboard island with a butcherblock top!

So that's all I have for now, but we'll take some more pictures as we progress!

Sorry some of the pics are small; they wouldn't get any bigger.

A Pretty Good Day

Well, my day got off to a very good start when I woke up and realized that I had made it 24 hours without throwing up. Gross, I know, but I didn't need to miss another day of classes, so I was excited about it. For some reason, it seems to me that sickness has been rampant recently. Most of my family has had some form of this bronchial flu that's going around, and then when we recover from that we all get a 24 hr. stomach virus! What in the world is going on? I take my vitamins and an extra Vitamin C tablet every day!

Anyway, the rest of my day...I also got offered an internship position at the site I wanted. It's one of my school's community counseling centers, but this one provides services for individuals who may not have insurance and can't necessarily afford traditional counseling fees. I'm very excited, mostly because my supervisor there has the same theoretical orientation that I'm leaning toward. (For those of you who have some psych. background, she's family systems/psychodynamic). Therefore, I can really learn from someone who practices the way I would like to one day.

Lastly, I had to be observed by one of my professors (actually the one who will be my supervisor) while I was counseling a fellow student today. I thought I would be so nervous and staring at the two-way mirror the whole time, but the Lord really gave me peace. Afterward, I got great feedback from the "client," the professor, and another student who was observing. This was really a gift from God - to be reassured that I'm where I'm supposed to be.

And last but defintely not least....I got to go on a date with my hubby tonight! This has been very difficult lately because Joey's work schedule has been a little weird, where he's getting home after dinner. The company he works for (Avitech) is really having to step it up a little right now because their competition has finally realized how good this company is, so they're really fighting to keep the business they're losing to Avitech. Anyway, it's been a little hectic with that, buying a house, and staying with parents, so a date as just the two of us was a very nice treat! Funny thing is, it was nothing big. We went to El Camino and walked over to Big Lots to check out outdoor furniture. We actually reminded me of my parents, wow.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bun in the Oven

So, I'm so excited because I have a nephew coming next month! This will be the first baby grandchild in our family. Joey and I have a niece, Anna, from Leah's husband, Mike's, previous marriage, but we didn't get to add her to our family until she was about 5.

This new little bundle of joy's name is Caiden Brent Lucas, Brent after my brother who went to be with the Lord at 2 due to luekemia. Caiden was a stubborn little boy when my sister went to have her first 4D sonogram and would not show his face. He did, by the way, show his little boyhood very clearly though! So Leah went back for another 4D today, and we got some better pics of the cutie!

He looks just like his daddy!

and his little foot!

I thank my sister for taking the pressure off me to have a baby. My parents have wanted gradnchilden so badly! But I still find myself going through phases where I'm getting antsy to have my own. This is so different from a year ago when I couldn't think about anything besides starting my career. So I think God has definitely changed my priorities, thankfully, before I get too deep into my career. I also hope, though, that my sister hasn't had the only boy for our family! Joey and I wouldn't have a clue what to do with a little girl!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Time for Everything

Well, several months ago a good friend Scott Moore asked me why I didn't blog if I bothered, I mean enjoyed, reading everyone else's. I chalked it up to not having the time to type up a summary of my life every few days. But I decided to take my own advice. As a therapist-in-training I advise people to keep a journal just to let out their thoughts as feelings as well as to be able to look back on your life and see how you've grown. I haven't kept a journal probably since middle school, so I decided that as much time as I spend on the computer, a few minutes of it could be put to my psychological health. So here goes my first blog....

Well, for those of you that don't know Joey and I are in the process of moving from Mid/South GA to near Chattanooga, TN. Joey decided to leave Tyson after 11 years and join a company that creates and maintains hatchery equipment. Tyson had become very top-heavy and begun to treat him unfairly. He is really enjoying this company so far, being appreicated for all his hard work and being under a Christian boss. The Lord definitely provided this out for us, and it has really been a blessing for me to be closer to school (there's a campus in Chatt. and I was driving almost 2 hours on the rare day without traffic to the Atlanta campus) and that we'll be so much closer to family. We also just closed on a house and will start doing some cosmetic work on it when we get possession on the 22nd. It's been a little stressful living out of suitcases in our parents' houses, but we'll survive.

We looked like the biggest rednecks moving from GA. Here's a picture to prove it.