Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a......


We are so excited! I don't think either of us had a preference, we were mostly just so happy to see healthy limbs and organs. I do know, though, that this little guy's daddy is happy to have a little one to teach how to hunt, ride 4-wheelers, and fix things! He's already such a blessing! It's so miraculous to think about how God knit him together and already knows all the plans He has for our little man.

We're still deciding on a name...have one that we both like, but aren't fully committed to it yet, and there's still a few others on the table. We'll announce it when we decide!

As far as the nursery goes, if anybody knows of anywhere I could find an older white (wood or iron) crib, please let me know!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lovin Spring at our House!

Spring means busy outdoors for us, but I love the results! Plus, I felt Baby T. move for the first time (and constantly since!) the other day! We find out boy or girl next Monday, so exciting!!

The boys were busy doing this...

building a fence, and putting up my new (well old) gate.

Lots of planting...

Even a garden! With tomatoes (cherry, big boys, and romas), strawberries, and okra!

And my little mini herb garden with parsley, basil, yellow bell pepper, and chives to come...

Friday, April 1, 2011


So at almost 17 weeks I finally have the evidence to show that there's been a lot going on! (If I wear tight clothing, that is!)

It is becoming so overwhelming how much I want to know the gender of this little one! I actually don't have a preference at all, I just want to know!! So funny how spoiled we've become with technology, huh? Won't have that ultrasound for another several weeks though.

Planned a beach trip for June, so hopefully I won't be massive by that time! Will keep you posted!