Wednesday, May 9, 2012

8 months

Happy 8 months to our little man! He is seeming so grown up lately! He is just becoming so much a little person, I love it!
Not sure about height/weight stats because we don't go to the doc til 9 months, but I know this guy is TALL! Wears 12 month for the length in one pieces, but can wear 9 month shorts and tees. And praise the Lord (and praying it sticks) he has been on a sleeping streak lately. Maybe it was all due to the two bottom teeth that started peeking out a couple months ago are now completely through?
Still on the similar schedule, but is now regularly taking about an hour and a half nap in the morning and a 2 hour or more nap in the afternoon. Doesn't need a snack anymore before nap becasue he's eating a TON! Still drinks 6 oz. bottles, but now eats 1-2 oz of baby food with oatmeal for breakfast and 4-6 oz of baby food for each lunch and dinner!! Favorties are still squash and apricots. Still is very easily distracted or would rather be playing than eating, but he is definitely better! Loves laughing at lots of things, but especially dogs and Daddy. Can swing himself and jump crazily in the Johnny Jump Up. Screams at things, says "mama" "baba" and has just started jumbling all kinds of consonants together - b's, m's, and g's. Is usually smiling or looking very serious. And has gone from strawberry blonde to toe-headed?!!
Trying to crawl, but can really just spin in circles, but can get off the rug or his blanket slowly but surely by doing that. Poor sweet dogs are really in for it when he gets it figured out.
ADORES the walker. He gets something in his sight and speeds toward it!! But he does get frustrated when the walker is in his way of getting to whatever it is.
Such a precious little boy! We love him more and more every day!