Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall, Halloween, and 14 months

This little guy hit 14 months a few days ago! I am loving this age! Getting himself where he wants to go with ease, trying desperately to communicate haha! He says, Maggie, Ty clearly now (well he yells it, wonder why :/ haha). He also added bite, and a few new animal sounds to his vocabulary. Plus he's just so much fun - and I can't get enough of the giggles! It also helps that he's gotten used to teeth coming in finally (now that we're almost finished!)! It only disrupts sleep every now and then now, but he's only missing his canines (other than his 2 year molars)!  Still LOVES to be outside! All you have to do is say shoes or bye bye and he gets super exicted. 

Loves walking with his Daddy and holding his finger :)

Although you wouldn't believe it by his weight, this boy is my extremely good eater! He eats almost anything (besides bananas and he isn't a huge fan of sweets like cake unless it's ice cream!), and eats ALL the time! Maybe it all goes to his height because he's still really tall. His favorite is meat - ham, turkey, fish.  But also likes green peas a lot too.
He runs all over the house constantly (favorite games are chase with Daddy or pushing some toy around chasing the poor dogs). But thankfully Ty is still his best buddy!
This dog is beyond wonderful. He lets M roll and crawl all over him, and he just lays there or licks him!

My cute little owl for Halloween. We just did Trunk or Treat at church (not big Halloween people here), but all this guy wanted to do was run in the street anyway!
So blessed to have this funny, sweet, energetic little boy in our lives!