Monday, March 12, 2012

6 months!!

Time seemed to pass slowly at first, but it's going so fast now! Our little boy is 6 months (well, he actually turned 6 months on Friday)! He was such a big boy for his shots today at the Dr. - hardly cried at all!

He's so much fun! And so funny - he definitely thinks of himself as funny!

This guy has done a lot of growing up:

17.0 lbs. (25th percentile), 27 inches long (60th percentile), and 17 inches head circumference (25th percentile). Wears 9 month clothes, 6 month are getting a little short.
FINALLY less crying/screaming/crankiness due to finally being able to stay awake a little longer and move to 2 naps. So now his schedule varies around:
7/7:15 - wake
7:30 - bottle
9:30 - nap
11 - wake
11:30 - bottle, baby food
1:30/45 - snack bottle then nap at 1:45/2
4/4:15 - wake, bottle, baby food
7/7:15 - bath
7:30 - bottle and asleep around 8/8:15
Still wakes up too early crying at some naps, but will now go back to sleep whereas he wouldn't before and was cranky. So yay for sleep/less screaming!

Eating 5 to 6 oz bottles 4xs a day (plus a 3 oz snack before his long nap in the afternoon)
Loves baby food! Actually seems to prefer it over his bottle - will leave some milk at times but scarf down the food! Favorites - sweet potatoes, green beans, and pears. Also eats squash, carrots, avocado, peaches, apples, and some bananas. Makes a sour face the first few bites of most fruit (except pears), so he seems to like fruit better mixed with a bite of his veggie - yuck!
Eats anywhere from 1 to 3 oz each meal (right now just lunch and dinner)
Drinks sometimes from a sippy cup

Can consistently roll from back to tummy, but only rolls back on accident. Gets frustrated if on tummy too long. Can pull his knees up, "swims," sometimes can push backward, but that's as close as we are to crawling.
Can sit up with just a tad bit of support
LOVES outside - strolling, swinging, just sitting. It's one of the few places that he's semi-calm! Otherwise, he's pretty active and just plain crazy!
Always laughs at his daddy...just looking at him haha! And the dogs. Even Dr. Chupp says he's pretty social - loves to smile, makes noises at you, and kicks like crazy when you talk to him (actually, he kicks all the time, but just does it faster!)
likes books, favorites: Chick-Chick, Wheels on the Bus, Fluffy Chick, Diggers

We sure do love this little guy! It's such a blessing to be his parents!