Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marshall is ONE!

Well, I'm just now getting around to documenting our little man's turning 1 because shortly afterward my hubby surprised me with a getaway to celebrate one year as parents (he said to reward me for surviving a year with Marshall haha!)! More on that later, though.

A friend took some great pictures for us (Lucy Thompson Photography, check her out here). 

So much has changed so quickly lately with this guy!! He is walking all over the place (had been going between furniture and people for several months, but just decided to take off everywhere by himself). He is saying lots of things besides Mama Dada and MeMe - like Chick Chick which also sounds the same as when he copies us saying "tee tee!" and Mi for Mickey (which he has decided he loves). He has dropped his morning nap because he was taking way too long to fall asleep even after pushing the nap too late in the morning as it was. So he takes one nap after lunch now that is usually around 2-2.5 hrs, if we are really lucky it's 3 ;) Has finally decided to feed himself more with his fingers and is doing ok using a spoon and fork sometimes.  The smash cake with Lucy didn't go so well because this child typically hates, and I mean hates, food on his hands!!

Cries way more about that than he does if he falls and hits his head! Something that hasn't changed though is that he is still in about the 80th percentile in height at 31 inches and the 10th percentile weight at (20 and a half pounds). Very hard to find clothes that fit as smaller ones are too short and longer ones are too baggy! It's not for lack of eating, that's for sure!! This boy is just on the go! So the doctor said we don't have to worry about getting rid of his milk at night because he could use the extra calories haha!

We had some close friends and family over for a little celebration for him...

The cake was an outdoor theme because Marshall adores outside - including bruising up his shins and knees crawling on gravel and concrete!
We gave him a small store bought "smash cake" with similar results as the first one haha! He did eat a bite or two with a spoon, but he much more wanted to get down and play!

So we ended up sending in a sub (M's buddy Carter Cameron) to finish it off...

That's how you get it done, Cart!

We love those cute little dimples!!

So grateful for our family God has blessed us with!