Friday, August 10, 2012

11 months

This little boy is just that - all boy! He is his father's son for sure - loves loud noises and riding things like the 4-wheeler!

He is very capable of walking all over the place and will do so if he thinks you are nearby or barely touching him. Otherwise, he is content to hold your hand and walk around or crawl as fast as a madman!

Has a mouhful of teeth! 4 on top, 2 on bottom and in his tiny mouth it looks like he has almost a complete set!!

Not doing well about self-feeding. He loves feeding himself Cheerios and Puffs, but anything that has a different texture than hard, he hates getting on his fingers. So obviously that keeps him from feeding himself most other things.  He'll eat lots of stuff if we feed it to him ourselves. Anybody had this issue before?

I am in such shock about what has been helping this child sleep a little better and whine a lot less with his teeth....

a pacifier!!! He looks so funny to me with one! Has never ever wanted any part of one before except to chew on it for a second or two. Well, now evidently it puts pressure on the right places in his mouth because he loves it!!

Can say what sound a monkey makes - "ooo ooo ah ah"
Can say "be be" for baby
Says "ma" for lots of things - Maggie, milk, light

Drinking completely whole milk now. Transitioned with half and half formula for about a month. He doesn't really seem to notice. Doesn't like it directly from the fridge really cold though. Either needs to have sat out or be warmed up very slightly. Still doing fine with his sippy cup.

If he'd start eating more table food, we'd start transitioning to a later dinner with us and less milk at night, but for now he still drinks about 4 or 5 oz at night. 

We love our little man so much!!