Saturday, April 14, 2012

Late Easter and 7 months

We're a little behind over here. It's been hectic, to put it mildy, with Marshall's wild sleeping habits (well actually it's his attitude due to the sleeping habits!). I kept thinking it was getting better, but it wasn't. But God has used him/his situation as a teaching tool, of course, and I have learned great empathy for those (most likely my clients) who have feelings of hopelessness and exhaustion. I also have a renewed sense of grace - God's grace. How every "good" day with Marshall is His showing me grace. I don't deserve those good days (no matter how hard I've worked, tried, done everything "right"). But things have seeminly been better this week - more sleeping, less crying.

Anyway, so that lesson was all in good timing around Easter...

How cute is this little MAN???!!


So 7 months...

SITTING UP unsupervised!

He started sitting up a little after 6 months, but really perfected it in the last week or two.

He's trying desperately to crawl, but all he can do is rock up on his hands and knees. He does a pretty good job of moving around by rolling back and forth and spinning on his belly.

Wears mostly 9 month clothes (some 6 month)

Eats (3) 6 z bottles a day (2-3 oz snack before afternoon nap) and an 8 oz at bedtime, plus 3 "meals" of babyfood, about 3 or 4 oz (just added breakfast this week)

Loves squash, apricots, and pears the most, but pretty much eats all of it (when you can keep him still and focused long enough, which is pretty difficult)

Still loves to be moving - bouncy seat, johnny jump up, walker, stoller

Loves playing with wheels on toy cars (it's in the genes I guess!)

SAYS MA-MA!!! Has been rambling chains of mamamama for several weeks, but this week just started stopping at Ma-Ma. So precious!

Still very social - loves laughing, smiling, talking to most people

Laughs extremely loud at a Snoopy stuffed animal (at the chiropractor's) and a Razorback stuffed animal from his great grandparents.

Has a tooth! It's about halway out I guess (bottom front, right). Started a couple weeks ago.

Schedule (well, we stay close to it but the naps vary!)

7/7:30 - wake, bottle
9:30 - nap
10:30/11 - wake
11:30 - bottle and baby food
1:30/2 - nap
3:30/4 - wake
4:30 - bottle and baby food
7 - bath
7:30 - bottle
8/8:30 - bed

Still making some of his food - sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, and he eats fresh avocado. Doesn't take much time at all. Should probably make more like the fruit and squash (but I doubt they are as much money savers).

This boy has very strong opinons and lets you know them! He has such a great personality though - laughs and smiles a lot, it doesn't take much!

and is just plain cute (we're biased I know)!