Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Sale!

I know it's been a while, I apologize. But I wanted to let my blog friends in on the newest thing going on at our house....
It's for sale!

We always knew this place would be temporary, but the opportunity has presented itself for my sister and I to start a non-profit counseling center near the Hampton Cove area (more details on that later when we officially know how it's going to happen). So we are hoping to move back "home" by the summer! It will be bittersweet - maybe more sweet because I will be closer to my family and starting this non-profit is my dream, but also this is the first home we owned and we put so much elbow grease into it. Plus we have met some great people that we will miss.

So all of this is obviously in God's hands, so we will see how he works everything out! Check out the listing here.