Monday, June 18, 2012

9 months (a little late)

I can't believe this little boy is getting so close to a year old!! Turned 9 months a little over a week ago.  He has become so much fun! He was fun even as a baby, but it was in between spurts of irritability due to lack of sleep.  Plus now can really interact and get around more which is what he has ALWAYS wanted to do!

Some things to record about 9 months:

70th percentile in height and only 11th in weight, skinny little boy haha!

But it's not due to lack of eating - eats 6 oz formula at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime, and 1 jar of babyfood plus oatmeal and some yogurt for breakfast, 1.5 to 2 jars of babyfood plus turkey or cheese at lunch and dinner and some puffs in between!

And that formula is all in sippy cups! He's off the bottle. Wasn't difficult for this boy who never got comfort from sucking a paci or bottle at all.

Schedule still about the same, but seems to be able to stay awake a little longer between sleep without getting too fussy. And this booger is doing so much better with sleep and teething this go round. The two teeth on bottom are totally out and he has two eye teeth on top coming in. Will wake up early some mornings with it, but not too bad for the most part.

Still would rather be outside than anywhere else, specifically swinging with somebody.

Has added da-da, me-me (which mom loves!) and na-na (which Joey's mom loves!), and hard g's to his sounds/vocab, and loves to scream them one after another.  I think he now knows who MaMa and MeMe are. Knows light - points to it and whispers ba.

Added the "roll 'em up" part to his patty-caking. 

Gives "kisses."

Runs around like a crazy person in his walker all over the house. Still only army crawls, but is pulling up (only on people though) to knees then standing. Prefers to walk around holding someone's hands (ALL the time) than to cruise on furniture.  Has taken a few running steps between two people. He has no fear at all - will just let go and try to walk by himself.

Snuggles (holding onto with his face pressed in) with his bumper pads. So much so that he sleeps horribly in a pack and play or rented crib without blankets wadded up around the edge.

Favorite toy - ball of any kind. Favorite books - Sleep All Day Play All Night, Bubbles, and Chick-Chick. Favorite food - carrots and squash, peaches and pumpkin

Love, love, love this little man. Feel so blessed that God is letting us be his parents!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marshall's first beach trip

While Mike and Leah were in Alaska (yes, I'm very jealous!) Mom and Dad took Caiden and us to Gulf Shores. We are really liking it down there as opposed to our usual Florida destination because it seems so much less crowded. And can't believe it but little man turned 9 months when we got home! I'll post more about that after his doctor's appointment this week. Anyway, I knew Marshall would love it because most of our time is spent in his favorite place - outside! He adored the ocean!! Loved stomping his feet in the wet sand and watching the waves roll in over his feet. No fear whatsoever!!
Only cried for a second when MeMe wasn't quite quick enough!
He is fascinated by his cousin. Loves just watching him intently, but gives him lots of smiles too!
Like "squirrel" but for these two boys it's "big truck!"
Marshall's daddy and Pop had a good time too!

But two days in a row (and two separate injuries) Pop was not successful trying to body surf.

Even with the lack of sleep at night (Marshall had to share a room with us and slept horribly without his beloved bumper pads that he snuggles with), the smiles, memories, and pictures were worth it (now that I'm rested!)