Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 months (yesterday)

The 1 year mark just keeps creeping up! It has now gotten to the point where I look back at newborn pictures and really can't remember his being that small. 
His absolute favorite passtime, swinging
It seems like he's grown up a ton this past month! He's been crawling hands and knees style now for weeks (instead of his army crawl), pulling up on everything, cruising on everything, stands by himself without assistance for several seconds at a time and can take a step or two!!! In other words, into everything, as if he weren't already!
I can't unload the dishwasher without this child climbing into it (getting himself soaking wet in the process).
His schedule is the same, with the exception of naps. This kids teeth are killing us! He now has the two bottom front completely out, the two eye teeth pretty much out, and now working on the front ones (which are bleeding in the process ouch!!!) So some days (when he doesn't wake up early in the morning and sleeps 11+ hours, he does really well and doesn't need but one nap after lunch), but the other days that he wakes up early and only gets around 10 hours, give or take, that night he takes two naps. 
We are also slowly switching him over to cow's milk, doing half and half with formula now. Our pediatrician told us that according to the AAP the benefits of formula over milk really diminish around 9 months. So we're going to save that money! His favorite food right now is yogurt, rarely turns it down. I'm not sure if he's over baby food or if it's just his teeth, but he really won't feed himself either - just kinda plays with solid food.
He still runs around like a maniac in his walker,chasing us and dogs, and crazily enjoys going after Daddy's toes!
He loves the dogs even more than he used to - Says "ma" to Maggie and pats her on the head, loves using Ty to pull up and climb on.  Still says "mama" "dada" "nana" and sometimes "meme" but these days it's mostly "mama" and he is trying to say "pop" ( mostly just makes the "p" sound). Likes to fake laugh and copy Joey when Joey laughs at him. And is sticking his tongue out all the time! Maybe that's feeling those new front teeth, who knows!
He's a really fun little boy. We may have some stubborness/a strong-will to tame in the near future, just praying God will help us with that! We love our little man!