Saturday, September 21, 2013

Marshall is 2 and Transitions

Wow. It's been a while. But I figured I needed to document some of the big things at least!

So the first thing is that my big boy got rid of his paci!!! I thought we would try it when he turned 2, but we ended up trying it a few months before that because the child has so many teeth (all of them except top 2 year molars!!!) that he was chewing the nipples off of all of them! We had only been giving them to him at nap and bedtime for a while. So I just gave him the paci part without the nipple on them and say "uh oh they're broken," and he very easily accepted it and moved on after a couple of days of asking! Not at all what I expected!

Then this cutie turned 2!! (We did a shared party with one of my friend's little boys who is just a week younger than M). Loved getting to have it at the farm I've been working at doing Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy.

Marshall loves riding anything that's loud, especially the tractor, so of course Daddy brought it along.

Birthday boys...

Some things about Marshall...
He is ALL boy. Can't be still, loves running, loud things, grease and tools.

He's still a skinny white boy haha! Only 24 lbs (10th percentile), but he's 36 inches tall, so he's like 65 percentile I think. Doesn't talk a ton, but definitely tells you what he wants. His favorite things right now are loud things that go fast, Mickey Mouse still, robots, still orange juice, Maggie-Ty, cuckoos, books, football, tools, and counting.

And the most recent transition...
he's potty trained (or pretty much is)!! I decided to just attempt this 3 day potty training thing I've seen stuff about, with little to no expectations. But I figured it couldn't hurt because it's very positive reinforcement oriented, and I could already tell with just trying to introduce my strong-willed-impatient-can't-sit-still-child to the potty (and his pitching a fit not wanting to be made to sit on it) that trying to force him to sit on it every however many mintues was not going to fly. So this way seemed to give him a lot of control over it (when he goes, etc.), and it really clicked for him! So proud of that little guy!

He's a big mess and yes, very strong-willed like I said. But man, he's pretty smart, super active, eats great, very loving when he wants to be, and oh so cute and funny! Blessed to be his parents!