Monday, March 7, 2011

Busier and Crazier

Things are about to get even busier and crazier around here...

God has blessed us with a Baby Taylor to be born in September! 9/10/11 is the due date, so that makes us 13 weeks!

We have had to keep in mind what a blessing this is because, let me tell you, it has been a doozy! Found out I was 4 weeks pregnant when I was battling the flu! Rough! Then had some issues and had to take progesterone supplements until recently. Have had what I thought was horrendous evening sickness (which we think and are experimenting to see if it's issues with vitamins). And add on a bulging disk in my back and asthma problems! Whew! I am definitely so thankful everything is healthy so far with the baby though. It is hard to not be anxious with all of that going on, even though I know (in my head, probably need to work on the heart part) that God is sovereign and has a plan greater than I can imagine for our family.

I was hoping for a cooler ultrasound picture to put up, but evidently I won't get that until 21 weeks when we'll also be able to find out the gender (beginning of May). It has always amazed me to see how babies grow and develop, but it's even more miraculous when it's happening to you. Such evidence of a Creator.