Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two Dreams Become One

I have always been crazy about horses, probably rode my first one when I was 5 at a friend's house. Yes, I'm an animal lover, but horses have an even greater impact on me. They're so majestic and powerful, yet gentle and loving.  Sounds a little familiar to my Heavenly Father, maybe? ;)

So of course a dream of mine has been to own or somehow incorporate horses into my life. I remember begging and begging my dad as a kid/teen to have a horse. Obviously, I don't resent him for not getting me one as I now understand the intense commitment (financially and time) that owning a horse requires.  The dream never died though. My passion did change or at least become distracted by my calling into the Christian counseling ministry. Then, as you can read about here, God allowed a dream to come true - starting a non profit counseling center.

And now, just another year later, and I stand in awe of God blessing me with something called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. We have been trained (not fully certified yet) to be able to use these amazing creatures to help clients with their problems, and we are already seeing the potential for great things after just beginning to utilize it with clients.

I ADORE that these guys are my collegues now!

A Clydesdale at the Kentucky Horse Park where we were trained. My absolute favorite horse, and I finally got to meet one!

Not only are these guys my new coworkers (and we also have a great equine specialist, Anita Duncan, that we work with), I get to wear blue jeans and boots to work! How great is that?! ;)

Gorgeous Kentucky Horse Park.

I am soooo blessed!!

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