Thursday, December 13, 2012

15 months

It's becoming a pattern for me to be late on these posts, oh well.  Our little man turned 15 months on Sunday, and it's amazing the difference in development even just a couple weeks has made! He has really been exploding with saying words (and trying very hard to say some things which just ends up sounding very funny)! He has a lot of names down (meaing he can say them and knows who they are) - Dada, Mama, MeMe, Pop, Nana, Maggie (sometimes is ma-yee, sometimes just ma), and Ty. He has also started saying tractor (ta-tuh) which is so cute, amen after prayers (may-meh), mi is milk and mickey, bad dog or dog (ba duh), boy (buh), clean up (la-up) when we sing the clean up song, and lots of "what does the cow (whatever animal) say?" Such a smart little man!

Trying to say potato...
He is still in the 70th percentile in height (32 inches), and actually did go up a little in weight - 16th percentile (22 lbs) haha.  Has all his one year molars (a couple not quite completely finished, but all through), and now I can tell we are working on canines which are his last teeth until 2 year molars!! This boy has a mouth full! And he's been much better about sleeping when he's dealing with them. It's now the rare couple or few days that he has trouble at night or waking up early and napping instead, and I can tell now it's teeth because he goes back to good sleeping once the tooth has broken through. Praise the Lord!! He's still not a sleepy child though, for sure. Sleeps about 11-11.5 at night and rarely more than a 2 hr and 15 min nap.
Even had to get his first hair cut because he was getting so shaggy!
He loves, loves, loves to run and be chased. Thinks it's hilarious plus I think he just has tons of energy he needs to release! Even though he tries to chase him a lot, Ty is still his best buddy - though it may be more one-sided right now ;)
Mickey Mouse is hands-down his favorite show and stuffed animal, and it's hard to tell what his favorite food is because he eats so well.  Still seems to love green peas, yogurt, cheese, and cheerios though.    And if he could be outside, no matter what, he would be, freezing and all! He also loves opening and shutting things like drawers and cabinets as well as putting things in things and taking them out. So needless to say I find all sorts of random things like pacis, sippy cups, mickey, and such in all kinds of places! Surpisingly (very actually as much as he likes lights), he doesn't try to mess with the Christmas tree much. 
He really is such a fun little guy who loves to laugh. We are very blessed!

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